Indians have been using sunflower oil for decades. Extracted from the pressed seeds of sunflower, it is a popular and healthy oil.

However, do you know how to use sunflower oil so that you can leverage it best to its properties and taste?


Well, this article is for you.

In this post, we teach you how to use cold-pressed sunflower oil in the best way.

How to Use Pressed Sunflower Oil?

Here are the tips to use cold-pressed sunflower oil that would make your life easier - 

For Deep Frying 

Sunflower virgin oil has a smoke point of 225 °F, while refined sunflower oil has a smoke point of up to 450°F. It makes refined oil an excellent choice for deep-fries of chips or chicken. 

If you want to use the healthy kachi Ghani sunflower oil, use a fryer or thermometer to ensure the temperature remains down while deep-frying. You can also choose to lightly fry your food in sunflower oil rather than deep-fry it, as this will require less heat and less oil overall. 

The most common mistake people make is heating the oil too much, which burns it slightly. Heat it until it turns brownish-yellow in color for maximum flavor and health benefits.

As a Salad Dressing 

Are you a salad lover and enjoy cooking salads in different styles? If yes, you would love sunflower oil in your dressing. 

A delicious salad dressing will give you all the health benefits of sunflower virgin oil. You do not need to use it to fry or cook anything; just use it raw in your delicious veggie bowl.

Sunflower oil is perfect for making the vinaigrette. It combines well with balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, herbs, and spices. If you don't use olive oil, sunflower oil is an excellent alternative. 

For Garlic-Flavored Sunflower Oil

We, Indians, are fans of garlic cloves. Understandably so, as it makes the taste more authentic and delicious. 

Many people love to use garlic oil as it adds an underlying garlic flavor to the dishes that are cooking. 

To make garlic-flavored sunflower oil, add some peeled garlic cloves to the pressed sunflower oil and keep it at room temperature. Once it cools down, pour it into an air-tight container. The slightly nutty flavor of the oil and the sweet earthiness of garlic meet together to make an impressively tasty oil.

As a Beauty Tonic

Kachi Ghani sunflower oil has a special softening effect on the skin and hair. Its regular application can make your skin smooth, soft, elastic, and radiant. Moreover, this oil nourishes and moisturizes the scalp and hair roots. Since it's rich in vitamin E, it acts as an antioxidant to fight free radicals that damage the skin, avoiding premature aging.

Add this magical oil to your beauty routine to get healthy hair and skin. Rub the sunflower organic oil into your skin before taking a shower or bath - you will be surprised how effective it is.

To Remove Rust From Metal Objects

If you need to remove rust from a metal object, cover it with Kachi Ghani sunflower oil and leave it for a few hours or days (depending on the degree of corrosion). 

After the waiting period gets over, wipe the object with a cloth. The rust would disappear without any scratches on the surface of your favorite pot or pan.

Cold-pressed sunflower oil is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to use essential oils in cooking. It's non-toxic, healthy, and has many advantages that make it the "go-to" choice among consumers. 

The key is to find the right brands and quality of sunflower organic oil to take full advantage of its amazing benefits. At Simply Organics, we believe in quality and affordability. Buy cold-pressed sunflower oil at our online store for attractive deals and offers.